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Action Report: Experts Saving Historic Lakefront Airport Murals

October 31, 2015
Action Report: Experts Saving Historic Lakefront Airport Murals

NEW ORLEANS -- Art restoration expert Elise Grenier and her team are saving 80-year-old murals of Paris and New York that have been covered for decades after Lakefront Airport was renovated in the 1960s.

"This is meticulous work," Grenier said. "Inch by inch we're removing layers of time, and man made damage, and so on to the paintings, and they're actually in very good condition underneath."
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WWII AirPower Expo 2015
OCTOBER 23 - 25, 2015 at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Aug 29, 2015
WWII AirPower Expo 2015
OCTOBER 23 - 25, 2015 at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport

For one weekend only, WWII AirPower Expo 2015 takes over the tarmac at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport with a fleet of legendary WWII aircraft—fully restored and ready to fly. Visitors can touch and feel the planes, climb inside the cockpits, and even strap in for a chance-of-a-lifetime ride-along flight. Guests can also view ground vehicles from the Museum's collection, meet WWII veterans, and experience history hands-on with WWII uniforms and gear. Visitors will also be privy to Victory Belles performances throughout the day, along with interviews from WWII veterans and pilots. Don't miss this chance to see history in flight!
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RFQ / RFP: REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS New Orleans Lakefront Airport
Aug 14, 2015
For the Leasing of Room 150 New Orleans Lakefront Airport - NON-FLOOD PROTECTION ASSET MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY

The Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority is issuing a Request for Proposals for a unique space in the Atrium of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport Terminal. The Authority intends to enter into a lease agreement with a responsible Lessee for the space.
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New Orleans Lakefront Airport
Aug 13, 2015
Remember When Flying Was Fun?

“My favorite is the New Orleans to Destin flight. Shortly after takeoff, you start seeing the islands off the coast of Louisiana. Then from [the] Chandeleur Island[s] on to Ship Island, and before you know it, you’re crossing the mouth of Mobile Bay and Fort Morgan and over the Ferris wheel at the wharf in Orange Beach. You see the coastline all the way to Destin.”
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New Orleans Lakefront Airport - Save the Murals
Feb 9, 2015
Save the Murals 2015 Clancy Dubos, Jim Tucker, Councilmember Jared Brossett, Wilma Heaton, and Councilmember James Gray

Clancy DuBos, Jim Tucker, City Councilmember Jared Brossett, Wilma Heaton and City Councilmember James Gray at "Save the Murals" at New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Mon. Feb. 9, 2015. (photo by Harold Spinner; supplied by Save the Murals)
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WWII AirPower Expo 2014
December 29, 2014
WWII AirPower Expo 2014

“The Air Power Expo serves as an impressive learning venue for many generations and is the perfect extension of the WWII Museum itself… The area is literally transformed into a functional setting for actual air operations, much the same as history tells us the fighter and attack squadrons did during the war.” David V, New Orleans.
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Jan 18, 2012
"Return to Flight"
The Lakefront Airport terminal in New Orleans is undergoing a complete restoration returning the building to its original Art Deco appearance and grandeur. Filmmaker Bess Carrick's documentary, Return Flight, will chronicle this remarkable, once in a lifetime restoration of one of the very few remaining Art Deco terminal buildings left in the United States...
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